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september 2023 Artist in Residence JOYA Spanje

29 september - 2 oktober 2023 BIGART

I hold my breath while closing my Eyes


'I hold my breath while closing my Eyes'

An installation of patterned paper sheets draped over each other like laundry on a washing line. The result is a process between creation, existence, damage and beauty. The work is made of light material so that it moves quickly due to wind movements in the installation-area.

The laundry at the clothesline is a metaphor for washing, drying and re-using existing mechanisms, ideas, illusions and perceptions that repeats itself again and again The laundry on the line shows us how the household is doing and what social situation it is in, or in a broader sense of the word: the laundry shows how the world around us is doing.

When viewing the installation, the emphasis is on the experience process: you can walk between the hanging, fluttering laundry of the pattern papers.

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